Tuesday, August 30, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 241

Here's an old piece from around 1989. I got asked to paint a shop sign for a pet shop in Wembley (I lived there at the time) that specialised in aquaria. The limitations I faced were: (a) I had to use the existing board, (b) I had to paint over the name of the previous owner and cover an unsightly paint splash in the centre of the text, and (c) I had to include a whale (I have no idea why). What emerged was this very odd and unprofessional looking shop front.

Still, it's always nice to tackle a larger job. I love doing murals. I wish I got to do more.

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Tony E said...

If I have got the right location, the whale and the pet shop have swam away - http://g.co/maps/sp3g