Thursday, August 18, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 229

I've always drawn single panel cartoons. Ideas pop into my head all the time and I doodle at least one, but usually more, quick sketches in one of my notebooks every day. That said, I've never really tried to sell many. It's a confidence thing.

My cartoons have been published in magazines as varied as Private Eye, Police Review, Fortean Times and the Catholic Herald (!) but I invariably lose my bottle when people say 'Ooh, they're a bit like The Far Side aren't they?' And they say it all the time. I am a massive Gary Larson fan and have a very similar sense of humour. But the comparison (inappropriate in my opinion anyway - the man is a genius) makes it sound like I'm trying to emulate him or copy him and that just makes me feel like a cheat. So I've been trying to develop a drawing style radically different from his in the hope that the comparisons stop.

However, I'm feeling brave today. So here are some that I've doodled this past week. You can tell I have the grandkids staying as I have opportunistically grabbed their colouring pencils and felt-tipped pens to add some colour!

I realise that the captions need work. These are roughs, remember. It may also be the case that some simply don't work. But once I've found my style, I have hundreds of such doodles littering my sketchpads and notebooks just waiting to be drawn properly and submitted.

As a final footnote, I am honoured to have been voted into the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation and their newsletter, Foghorn, will feature some of my cartoons this month. I'm looking forward to seeing them in print.


TheSleepyRedPanda said...

Briliant, I like how intimdated Trev looks, though death is cheatng using a potato whilst poor Trev only has a carrot!

Andrew Kerr said...

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself! You have a great comic and artistic talent!