Tuesday, August 02, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 213

I'm making a number of 3D artworks at the moment, mostly from found or discarded materials. Over the years I've collected a big box of driftwood and all manner of found items made of plastic, metal and naturally occuring materials. So now I'm assembling them into sculpture. I'm a big fan of recycled art and have several friends who do it very successfuly for a living. I'd urge you to check out my chum Ptolemy Elrington' website or look at these features (here and here for example) on some of his recent works. Also check out Cornwall-based artist David Kemp here. Or Peter Rush here - I love his plastic cutlery insects. Clever chaps all. I'll post some pics of my efforts on a future '365 Doodles' once they get further along.

Meanwhile I found these sketches in an old sketchpad for a Daily Mail wielding, vest and pants wearing Angry Bunny. Or 'Not a Happy Bunny'. I might see if I can get him made as a plush. What fun!

Then, of course, there are his mates Timid Shrew, Lounge Lizard, Nutty Fruitbat etc ...

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