Saturday, July 30, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 210

I finished my Humpty Dumpty Eggy Soldiers painting a couple of weeks ago (see here). Or, rather, I'd got to the point where I wasn't really happy with it but knew that any more tinkering would probably spoil it. So I put it away and it's been glaring at me from the wall every since. So yesterday, I picked it up, summoned my courage and attacked it.

I'm now happy with Humpty's outfit. I'm still not entirely happy with the horse but it's the first one I've ever painted so I'm willing to let it go. I'm calling this one done.

Things that went well? Learning about colour mixing made the brick wall work (and was carried over into the Trick or Treat! painting I did afterwards. Changing the peasants to soldiers made it a funnier gag. Was very pleased with the eggshell tones and the 3D effect of the broken egg top. I also liked the bread!

Things that didn't go well? The buggering horse, of course. Also, the soldier on the right is pretty poor. His hat is too big and, considering where his feet are, he should be in front of Humpty, not behind. Let's just say he's leaning back shall we?

Overall? I'd give myself 7/10 on this one (where 10 is how I saw the picture in my head).

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