Thursday, July 28, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 208

So here it is, the finished Trick or Treat! painting:

And, as usual, I thought I'd provide another step-by-step guide. It all started - as things so often do - with a small sketch in the corner of a page in a sketchpad:

So, to begin with, I sketched the picture directly onto a canvas with a hard pencil (that won't show through the paint) and played with the composition until I was happy with it. I then used a half-inch flat brush to do a quick under-painting in Venetian Red.

My usual first job is to 'get rid of the white'. In this instance I wanted a brick wall effect and that meant making each brick a slightly different colour. One thing I've learned this past year is mixing colours (this is a really good book on the subject). And a golden rule is that if you make a variety of mixed shades and tones from the same three or four colours, they'll look right side by side even if they're all very different. All of the bricks and the mortar colours were made using black, burnt sienna, white and yellow ochre. The bricks were painted first, then the mortar. Then each brick was shaded using watered-down Winsor and Newton nut brown ink.

I then blocked in the monsters, the doorway, grass, path and Trick or Treaters. However, I then realised that the main monster looked more angry than scared so I had to do some repainting. If he didn't look scared, the whole joke of the piece would be lost.

Having sorted that out, I put a wash of orange ink over the monster to bring all of the colours together. Then I began to work on the window monster who also had to look scared.

A major bugger-up meant that I ended up lowering the hem of the devil's cape! I painted in the details of the remaining figures and added highlights with Posca pens. Then I called it done.

Things that went wrong with this one (apart from the devil's feet)? The only thing that really bugs me is that the light should be streaming from the monster's doorway to create those shadows behind the kids. But, on the whole, I'm quite pleased with this one.

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