Thursday, July 21, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 202 - Painty Bonus!

I finished a new painting today. It's an unusual one in that it's two paintings in one. I've called it But is it Art?

As so many paintings do, this one grew out of a doodle in one of my many notebooks and sketchpads (what in flying feck is going on with his legs?). As for the canvas, that started life as a terrible kitten painting I bought for a quid in a charity shop. I couldn't resist. Plus, it was quite a good quality canvas for £1. It would be wonderful if someone X-Rays it in centuries to come and says, 'What the Hell is that underneath? It's horrible!' Of course, they might also say that about the painting on top too ...

First of all I gave it a coat of white acrylic gesso and then covered the canvas in a mix of white and cerulean blue. Then I pencilled the figures in.

Meanwhile, I used a pile of paint dimps (the same things I used when making Cobblepot the Snowman - see here) to create a small abstract painting. That was an interesting process in itself as I was keen to place the various pieces of dried paint into an aesthetically pleasing design.

I then finished painting the two art critics using acrylics and Posca pens. I got to meet the wonderful Camila Batmanghelidjh last year and the female figure was definitely inspired by her fashion sense. The male figure has echoes of Mark Heap's Brian character from Spaced. I loved that series.

Finally, I cut a white card frame for the abstract painting and stuck it to the canvas. Voila.

Fun to do and it only took two days.

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TheSleepyRedPanda said...

Where's the toe jam?!

Great work though :)