Sunday, July 10, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 191 - Humpty Day 2

I took a brave step today. I changed the painting significantly (Better to do this earlier rather than later). I decided it would be funnier if the two chaps were in soldiers' uniforms. So out came the white Posca pen and ...

I also figured that the tall soldier hats would help to bring the composition together better by breaking the line at the top of the wall. Once I'd done this, I got a red and a black Posca and blocked in the new areas ...

Then I set to work on the wall, painting in all of the bricks and mortar. It took ages.

'Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall and nearly wound up dead
And people came from miles around to dip soldiers in his head'.

I'm now going to call this one Eggy Soldiers.

I'm so so sorry. More tomorrow.

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