Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A day of treats

Yesterday, my day in London was one of those excellently busy days where you cram a lot in and get a great deal more out of it. My first port of call was Canary Wharf in the heart to Docklands to meet with that most splendid of chaps, Mr Rory Sutherland (above). Rory, if you don't know of him, is an ad man. He's in the business of making us all buy stuff and he's very good at it. He's now Vice-Chairman of the Ogilvy Group of companies. But he's also something of a philanthropist and, in recent years, has taken a keen interest in looking at how some of the tools and techniques used in marketing can be used to improve lives. That's what we were discussing today; I was getting some material for a book I'm researching while he was interested in how I'd used things like behavioural economics to reduce crime and the fear of crime. A fascinating couple of hours with a great thinker. Do watch his TED talks here:

Then it was on to the infamous Ten Bells pub in Commercial Street, Spitalfields, for a beer or two with my chum, the artist known as Mr Bingo. We get on very well, me and Bingo. Mostly because I used to be a cop and he's fascinated by true crime. So we sat there, in this pub that is steeped in the blood of Jack the Ripper's crimes, shooting the breeze. Did I not mention that? The Ten Bells is the pub most likely frequented by some of Jack's victims and many of the internal features are still as they were back then (read more here). Bingo is a wonderful artist. Here are a couple of his recent commissions:

Do visit his website here. And buy some prints or his nifty little postcard book.

Last meet of the day was with my journalist friend Joel Meadows. We had press passes to a talk at the British Library about New Worlds magazine and the New Age of Sci-Fi that dawned in the 1960s. On the panel were some real heavyweights of the era; Michael Moorcock, Brian Aldiss, Norman Spinrad and John Clute.

The talk was lively and interesting if occasionally rambling and off-topic. But later I got the chance to meet them all and to say thanks to them for giving me so much pleasure over the years.

A good day. I wish they were all like this one was.

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Helen Smith said...

Sounds like a great day!