Wednesday, June 08, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 159

Yes, that is Sir Isaac Newton with the pot of indigo paint. And why not? He invented the colour after all. This was one of the illustrations I did to accompany my book Joined-Up Thinking, published in 2008. Ad here's Robot MTR5 chasing after Tom Baker's Doctor Who.

Sadly I was told that my artwork 'isn't right for the project' - a phrase I seem to hear every bloody week these days - and the publishers decided to run the book without pics. So no one ever got to see my take on the subject of eating insects ...

... or my subtle comment on the year in which Halle Berry won both the best actress Oscar for Monster's Ball and the Golden Raspberry for Cat Woman.

Ah well, at least I can show you some of them here. I'll finish with the one that accompanied the story about the first Blue Peter dog dying and the efforts made to cover the fact up.

Don't know the story? Then buy my book and all will be explained! Click here or on the links over on the right of this blog page. The money would be very handy. Lord knows I'm getting no money from the illustration work!

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Anonymous said...

Bought your book for a friend through Amazon the other day for... wait for it.... 75p.