Monday, May 02, 2011

I found my thrill on Coombe Hill

I took the dog (it still sounds wrong saying 'dog' rather than 'dogs') out for a walk yesterday to the highest point in Buckinghamshire, Coombe Hill. It's only about a 10 minute drive from where I live and the route I take winds through beautiful little Midsomer-type villages such as Great Missenden and Kingshill.

From the top - some 852 feet above sea level - and standing next to the Second Boer War Memorial, it's said that you can see five counties.In front of the monument is a rectangular concrete pillar and 'trig point' with a metal plaque that points to true north and to the following distant features: The Cotswolds (53 miles), Brill Hill (13 miles), Waddesdon Manor (10 miles), Calvert Chimneys (15 miles), Aylesbury Church (5 miles), Mursley Water Tower (15 miles), Wingrave Church (8 miles), Leighton Buzzard (12 miles), Mentmore (9 miles), Edlesborough Church (11 miles) and Ivinghoe Beacon (9 miles).The walk up to the hill wends through bluebell woods and stands of brilliant gorse and broom. It's all quite beautiful.

Coombe Hill was given to the National Trust in the 1920s and forms part of The Ridgeway walk (where you can see Willow looking for me in the photo above). The hill was originally part of the Chequers estate - the Prime Minister's country residence. You can see the back of Chequers in one of the photos. As I passed the gates yesterday there was increased security; a sure sign that David Cameron is in. As it happens, I later learned that he'd been on site playing Boris Becker at tennis.

How the other half live eh?

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Neil said...

I love it up there, tempted to go up there this afternoon, but know it will be super busy! As I am new to the area I don't know what I am looking out on, I will take a detailed map next time, or perhaps a local guide!