Tuesday, May 10, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 130

Guest art for the 1997 Bad to the Bone indie comic Streetmeat by Noel K Hannan and Rik Rawling, a dark and brooding graphic novel which had a prostitute as its central character. Set in a dystopian future where the ladies have to look after themselves in the police no-go areas, it follows the adventures of a woman called Solo as she tracks down the people who killed the one person she's ever loved. Kind of like Deathwish meets The Transporter.

There's quite a funny story attached to this one. At that year's UK Comic Art Convention (UKCAC97) in London, the organisers asked guest artists to submit a piece for auction for charity. So I donated this piece only to be told 'But you're not famous enough. We want real artists'. In the end, they begrudgingly accepted it ... and I made the second highest price at the auction, beating many established 2000AD, Marvel and DC Comic artists. That same show, indie comics artist James Murphy and I did sketches for the crowd and had to be told to stop over the tannoy because the popularity of our stall was blocking up the venue due to the huge queue.

Ha! Never let anyone tell you that you have no value just because you're not famous.

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