Monday, May 02, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 122

By my reckoning I am now just over a third of the way through my 365 day doodling marathon! Yay! Go me!

Here's another of my 'Odd Gods' series. I should explain that I originally did a handful of these as illustrations for the QI 'G' Annual but Roger 'Spitting Image' Law's illustrations were used instead. So I then did a bunch more and pitched the idea of an 'Odd Gods' book but no one wanted it. So this is the only place they'll ever be seen, sadly. Enjoy. Here's Nommo!

According to the Dogon people of Mali, West Africa, Nommo was the first being created by the sky god Amma. He immediately multiplied into four or six pairs of twins but one twin rebelled against his place in Amma’s great plan and created disharmony in the world. In a surprising move, Amma took one of the other twins and crucified him on a tree. He then cut him up, scattering pieces across the universe to restore balance and order. The Nommos (the name means ‘to make one drink’) liked to stay beside water and were described as being aquatic hermaphrodites with fish tails. Among the Dogon, a spiritual leader is called a Hogon. After his election, he is not allowed to shave or wash for six months but is allowed to wear a red bonnet. He is required to sleep alone and every night, the sacred snake Lébé licks him all over. This transfers knowledge. And snake spit.

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