Sunday, May 01, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 121

Happy May Day! To celebrate Beltane and this most pagan of special days, here's a double whammy from my 'Odd Gods' series.First off, this is Bumba, a god worshipped by the Bushongo tribe in the Congo, Africa. They believed that Bumba was so sick with loneliness that he vomited up first the Sun, then the Moon, then the stars and then the Earth to be his companions. Not quite done, he then chucked-up up nine animals and the first humans.In Inuit mythology Sedna is the goddess of sea mammals. She was such a big and hungry child that she ate everything in the house including one of her father’s arms as he slept. He therefore attempted to marry her off but she rejected all suitors and married a dog out of spite. In exasperation, Dad rowed out to sea in his kayak and threw her overboard. When she attempted to climb back on board, he chopped off her fingers and her severed digits became the seals and whales. She took up residence in Adlivun – the Inuit Underworld - and became a giant one-eyed hag with a temper. Her tantrums caused violent storms. Occasionally she would lock up all of the sea animals, starving the hunters and their families. However, she would relent if a Shaman visited her house and washed and untangled her hair. This journey involved passing through Adlivun while trying to avoid a giant wheel of ice, a bridge as narrow as a knife edge and a boiling cauldron of seal meat stew. Sedna still lives with her first husband, the dog. They are expecting puppies in the Spring.

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