Sunday, April 24, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 114

Even the afterlife needs catering and in Norse mythology, this task fell to Andhrimnir and his magic cauldron, Eldhrímnir. He was responsible for feeding not only the gods (the Æsir) but also the inhabitants of the Halls of Valhalla; the glorious dead slain in battle (the Einherjar). In order to feed this ever-growing crowd, ‘Sooty’ (for that is how his name translates) would slaughter and cook the beast called Sæhrímnir. It is not recorded what kind of beast this was, but it must have been a seriously pissed-off beast because every evening it came back to life in time to be slaughtered and eaten again the following day. Drink came in the form of mead, magically brewed from the milk of a goat called Heiðrún. It is possible that the Valkyries occasionally helped with the washing up.


punk in writing said...

Särimner is believed to be a pig, and the bones had to be collected at the end of each meal, otherwise särimner could not come back to life.

Our traditional Swedish Christmas ham is linked to särimner and viking cooking skills.
We've yet to find another pig that comes back to life, but no luck yet. Seems that only happens in Valhalla. ;D

Stevyn Colgan said...

Thanks Malin!

Guess I should have drawn a pig then! Now, I fancy a grilled Särimner sandwich ...