Friday, April 15, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 105

This is Pete the poseur, a fantastic character I met on holiday in Corfu a few years ago. He had a blonde ponytail, hooped earrings and wore the skimpiest Speedos you've ever seen. The picture commemorates one morningwhen he emerged, lion-like from his chalet, gave all the ladies a bit of a show by flexing his muscles and then jumped gracefully into the pool ... only to emerge seconds later flustered and panicking as he'd forgotten to remove his bum-bag and it contained all of his Euros. He laid them all out to dry carefully on a table along with dozens of small strips of paper on which he'd written useful Greek phrases. A few days later I was on a beach when he came riding by on a bicycle. He skilfully jumped the bike off the path towards me but then discovered why they use sand in sandtraps. The bike stopped dead, he flew over the handlebars and, red-faced and smarting, he said 'Cool' as if it had been his intention all along before limping to the sea for a paddle. What a guy.

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