Saturday, March 19, 2011

Up with this sort of thing

A splendid second recording last night for series four of The Museum of Curiosity. The show will be broadcast on Radio 4 in October. Last night, hosts John Lloyd and Dave Gorman accepted donations from surprisingly enormous comic genius Graham Linehan, saxophone playing marine biologist and seahorse fancier Dr Helen Scales and 'the worst dressed man in advertising', the rather brilliant Rory Sutherland, Creative Director at Ogilvy Ltd.

This Graham is tall but the Stevyn is small and not far away. Dave Gorman (right) and Helen Scales (left) behind

I won't spoil the show by revealing what their donations were but I will invite you to watch these excellent TED talks by Rory:

After the show and drinks, my friend Steve Hills and I were invited to the Groucho Club by a friend. Apparently Take That were doing karaoke in the bar. However, it's a sign of my age perhaps that I chose to go home. Steve, meanwhile, jumped in a cab, prepped his tonsils and said 'Groucho please'. The deaf cabbie subsequently took him to Crouch End. He eventually got back to Dean Street just as the piano lid went down. Ah well. A good night out by any standards.

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