Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The greatest pop video of all time

Welcome to the best video ever. It's Bobby Conn singing a hugely expurgated version of his song 'Never get ahead' (You can hear the original rude version here).

This video has it all: dodgy hair, mad starey eyes, contorted facial expressions, haphazard dancing, appalling miming and an audience apparently bussed in from a psychiatric hospital. I love the fact that the audience can't dance in time (and one is holding a baby?!). I love the ropey camerwork that means that Conn actually disappears several times. I roar whenever I hear the presenter say 'Trup-tuck-truckstop records' before walking off with Conn's microphone. The final 30 seconds in particular make me feel sick with laughterness.

I've watched this video literally hundreds of times and have found something to smile at every time. It's car-crash telly at its best.

An astonishing performance? Absolutely.

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