Tuesday, March 15, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 74

A couple of pieces I played with for the QI 'H' Annual but never submitted. These were to illustrate some obscure H words.
Hetaera (A heartsome harlot gifted in the arts of huggery, houghmagandy and hornwork.)

A Heterotrichosis (Hair of varied colours)
B Hist (To attract attention)
C Hock of Ham, Haggis, Habenero pepper
D Holland (Coarse cotton or linen)
E Huckaback (Linen used for towels)
F Harn (a coarse linen)
G Hent (To grasp)
H Harengiform (Like a herring)
I Hyacinthine (Blue or purple)
J Hulchy (Swollen)

Headborough (A petty constable responsible for harrying, hectoring and haranguing the hobbledehoys.)

A Havelock (White cover for a military cap)
B Helm (Helmet)
C Habergeon (Sleeveless mail coat)
D Helve (Handle of an axe or similar tool)
E Hallux (Big toe)
F Hamiform (Shaped like a hook)
G Harpagon (A harpoon)
H Hirsute (Hairy)
I Haqueton (Stuffed jacket worn under mail)
J Hyponychial (Underneath fingernail or toenail)
K Hyperpyrexia (excessive body temperature)
L Hemianopsia (Blindness in one eye)
M Hauberk (A long mail shirt)
N Hircismus (Smelly armpits)
O Helminthiasis (Infestation with worms)

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