Friday, February 25, 2011

Artist of the Week - Irina Werning

I bloody love this project. Irina Werning loves old photos. So what he/she's done (I'm so sorry but I have no idea what gender they are) is get people to re-sit for the identical photo now that they're older. The effect is amazing! Check out more pics on the website here.
Oddly enough, my photographer brother Simon and I did something similar back in 2002. Here are two photos of him with his childhood monkey toy just 30-something years apart. We didn't get the pose exactly right as we were doing it from memory. But fun all the same.


Persephone said...

I lllllove these! My favourite is the three sisters in the little girls' dresses with smocking on the web site. It's only when you've looked at these a while when you realize how painstaking this is; she (I'm going with "she") has replicated the clothes, the lighting and the backgrounds. Amazing!


Oooh I forgot that picture!! We must do it again as that was 12 years ago I think!