Tuesday, February 01, 2011

365 Doodles - Day 32

February the First, Day 32 and a special request for Twitter chums @stevehills, @msjuju8 and @mopshell. It's Nipplebot!

A special blog hug for @mopshell who lives in Queensland, Australia, right in the path of a tropical cyclone due to touch down tomorrow. Good luck Michelle. Our thoughts are with you and yours. x


Steve Hills said...

Haha! Excellent, and so quickly done.

And yes, good luck Michelle, perhaps you should think about putting some clothes on now in case you have to flee quickly. #tweetingnude


Dzhimbo said...

I find her disturbingly attractive.

Simon Rudd said...

hahahah i totally agree with Dzhimbo :D great doodle :D