Thursday, December 09, 2010

I'm in a fridge for Christmas

June the 3rd 2009 was a good day. As I reported here, I was one of a number of extras who took part in filming the triumphant finale of Tony Hawks' film version of his bestselling book Around Ireland with a fridge. We were in exotic Wimbledon rather than Dublin but still, a great experience, and I made some dear friends.

The film didn't make a cinema release sadly - what Brit films do these days? - but it is now available on DVD and implore you to give it a go. Like the book it is by turns hilarious, poignant, insane and heartbreaking and boasts some great performances, especially from the criminally under-exposed Sean Hughes who's been almost invisible since leaving Buzzcocks.
Do have a look at it. It's here on Amazon. Well worth a view. And you may spot my imposing bulk for a second or two (see screengrabs - I'm the beardy bloke in the grey short-sleeved top).

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