Thursday, December 09, 2010

Golden Times

Here are two 'specials' advertising a popular Norwegian (and not Swedish as I previoulsy posted - wrist slapped) TV show called Gylne Tider (Golden Times). The format of the show involves the presenter √ėyvind Mund, cameraman Steinar Marthinsen and sound engineer Ingar Thorsen travelling all over the world to meet their favourite stars of stage, screen and TV. The promotional videos for each series - in which the celebrity guests all mime singing a line of a well-known charity single - have become YouTube viral sensations and here are the last two. Where else would you see Bergerac, the Incredible Hulk and James Bond in the same video?

Or Luke Skywalker, J R Ewing, Pat Sharp and Peter Shilton even? Joyous. Mental, but joyous.


punk in writing said...

I'd say it's Norwegian rather than Swedish... :)

Stevyn Colgan said...

Punky - Sorry! Yes, it's a Norwegian show but there's a Swedish group with the same name. I will correct it immediately. xx