Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Painting update

As some of you who've been popping in on occasions know I've been teaching myself to paint. It's a bit of an uphill struggle as it doesn't come naturally to me but I'm really enjoying the challenge. Today it's two months since I started in earnest so I thought I'd take an inventory (click on image for larger version).

There are five finished pieces so far and four WIPs. The first one I completed back in September was (1) which I called Norf and Sahf. It was inspired by seeing two almost identical blokes verbally abusing each other simply for supporting different football teams. But for an accident of birth they could have been born on the same side of the river Thames and may even have been friends. I was unhappy with the finished piece because I ended up using black outlines which was a cheat. I can already do illustration work. I want to be able to paint.

So I then started painting (7) Stripes are so slimming. This came about when I happened to see a large gent eating a KFC from a striped box, drinking milkshake from a striped cup and with a striped Tesco carrier bag full of cakes and goodies. I was very pleased with the face but then put it aside as I was afraid I'd bugger it up before I'd learned a bit more about shading to give depth and volume to the body. Instead, I worked on (4) The cat who got the cream and (2) Stop crime! simultaneously. Both pictures were the result of watching TV; firstly an episode of Masterchef Australia when a judge described a chef's smugness, and then a repeat of the Father Ted episode called Old Grey Whistle Theft. I finished Cat first, which I'm quite pleased with, and then Crime which I'm not too keen on at all. I may go back to it or even start from scratch.

(3) came next and I called it Wicked thoughts. It was a cannibalised canvas that already had all of that red and orange and gold all over it. It had some weird textures too as if molten plastic had been run down the canvas. It's okay but started veering towards an illustration again. The outlines are too black.

I started (9) Two tourists a week or so ago and they are caricatures of two blokes I saw in a pub in London. The two red boots pictures (6) Puddles and (8) Fetch were both started in 2006 during a previous attempt to learn to paint. I've resurrected both and am hard at work on them.

Finally we come to the bleak and rather scary canvas that is (5). I painted it last night in about half an hour having drunk too much after a genuinely rotten day. I assume my subconscious wanted to nail my dark thoughts to the canvas. Who knows? All I'll promise is that I'll try not to have too many days like that in the future!

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craighallam said...

Hey, you're doing exceptionally well! Especially since you're teaching yourself. There's a cool almost graffiti-esque quality to them. Looking forward to seeing more!