Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Four Generations of Joy

As you all know, I'm a great believer that anyone can create art as long as they are inspired and enjoy doing it. The end result should be something that pleases the artist and to Hell with what anyone else thinks. Art is pure expression and everyone's art is different. I was minded of this today as I was rummaging in the loft and came across some paintings by my late father and some artwork that one of my daughters did for her A level. I suddenly realised that I have here, in this house, four generations of artwork. Here are some of dad's pictures.

He loved to paint in oils but his first love was pen and ink and watercolour illustration. Entirely self-taught, he drew and painted purely for pleasure. To my knowledge, he only ever exhibted once in 1984 at the Gwinear Agricultural Association Show, Cornwall. He won 4th prize for a painted seascape he'd actually done in 1975 and he was delighted.

This next one is by me. It's a little devil and is my fourth proper painting since I've been teaching myself. There's enough of my artwork on this blog and on my website so I'll scoot straight on to two pieces done by one of my daughters:

The first is a (pretty accurate) oil portrait of her old art teacher. The second is a collage in fabric, wool and buttons that took her weeks. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's A0 sized and massively detailed. Like my dad, she does this sort of thing for pure pleasure and has never worried about whether anyone else will like it. Nor has she ever tried to sell any of her art. Neither money nor public aclaim have ever been motivations for her.

Finally we come to my granddaughter who, at five years old is already starting to enjoy the thrill of creating art:

Kids don't worry about how good they are or whether the proportions, colour schemes or perspective are correct. They are joyously unburdened of ego and worry and they do this kind of stuff because they like doing it.

If we could all learn to approach art like that, we'd all enjoy making it.

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