Thursday, November 25, 2010

Artist of the Week: Bobby Chiu

I've been a fan of Bobby Chiu for several years and was delighted to meet him in 2008 at the San Diego Comicon. I bought a couple of his prints, bagged myself an original sketch and generally acted like a rather pathetic little fan boy. It's quite humbling to meet someone so damned talented who's half your age.

There's a playful sense of humour in everything that Chiu does, no matter how serious (there are few of them) the subject. I'm particularly fond of his pictures that depict a kind of evolutionary arms war between different imaginary creatures. It's cutesy but not too Disney cutesy.

If his style looks a little familiar it's because he was one of the concept artists on Tim Burton's recent re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland. The frumious bandersnatch in particular is pure Chiu.

Chiu is part of Imaginism Studios, an excellent cooperative that not only publishes prints and sketchbooks but runs tutorials too. Check it out here.

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craighallam said...

Wow, that's some great artwork. Disturbingly realistic cartoons. I'll be keeping an eye out for him in the future.

Thanks for the heads up!