Saturday, November 13, 2010

Art hidden in plain view

After all of the anger and frustration of Friday's idiotic verdict in the Twitter Joke Trial, I thought we might have a bit of whimsy today. London is city where you can't walk more than ten yards without spotting some form of art. Over the years I've captured a lot of them on camera and here's a small selection of some you may not have seen before.

Horse and rider, Norwich Union Building, Croydon (artist unknown).

Alan Sly's 'the Window Cleaner', Edgware Road.

Royal Mint Street carpark boundary railings. Portraits of 72 local people by Hillary Cartmel.

The Michelin Building, Chelsea. Designed in 1910 by Francoise Espinasse. Is now the top notch restaurant Bibendum, named after the Michelin man logo himself. Did you know he had a name?

Giant leaf opposite the rear exit of Harrow On The Hill tube station. Artist unknown.

Bizarre and highly decorative Cannon, Horseguards Parade. It's actually the Cádiz Memorial, a French mortar mounted on a cast-iron Chinese dragon which commemorates the lifting of the siege of Cádiz in Spain in 1812.

Rudy Weller's 'Three gilded divers' high above people's heads on the corner of Coventry Street and Whitcomb Street, Leicester Square. See what you miss if you don't look up?

An air conditioning unit for Pimlico tube station in Bessborough Street. Cunningly disguised and turned into an artwork by Eduardo Paolozzi (the guy who did all the mosaics at Tottenham Court Road tube station).

Wonderful Art Deco shop front at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Cockspur Street (just off Trafalgar Square).

Arthur Sullivan's (of Gilbert and Sullivan fame) completely over-the-top memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens. By W Goscombe Young.

A delicious little art deco hardware shop I spotted in Gloucester Road, SW1.

So there you go. Just a taster of what's on offer if you keep your eyes open. I have hundreds of shots like these. I may put some more up soon. Meanwhile, there are some great websites you can look at. One of my favourites is Chris Partridge's Ornamental Passions. Visit it here.

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Anonymous said...

"Wonderful Art Deco shop front at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Cockspur Street (just off Trafalgar Square)."

It's Bank of Scotland not Royal Bank of Scotland.