Thursday, November 25, 2010

The 1000 Blogposts Competition

Okay. This is my 1000th blogpost and to mark the occasion, here's a little competition. What follows are three questions, the answers to which can be found somewhere in the previous 999 blogposts. They shouldn't be too hard to find if you use the search box (top left of page) or even Google.

Question 1: Why was Charlie Brooker smiling at the Viz 30th birthday party?

Question 2: In the Twitter musical or Shoperetta, who sang the line: 'On to Aisle Five where some brat's done a pee ...'?

Question 3: What is my favourite worst poem of all time?

The winner gets a rather special signed copy of my book Joined Up Thinking. It's the hardback edition and one of only two in the world with a variant cover (I have the other). It was printed before the design was finalised. The book also has a bookplate designed by me on the first page. I'll also throw in some original artwork.
Email me the correct answers at I'll pick a winner at random from a fez on Sunday 28th November.

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