Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unintentional comedy is always the best comedy

Here's a video by Daisy Hicks. It's for a reasonable pop song called Hang of life. Enjoy.

When I first found this on YouTube (thanks to @bashed) I was struck by the unintentional hilarity of the comments below. Here they are reproduced in full:

robert55012: A fine pair of Napiers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

webmagic22: Must have been hell of a bumpy ride to keep ending up on the floor like that.

Caledonian86224: Excellent song fella, excellent.

RightUpYourTube: :D Excellent work as always and a great use of deltics!

BCCletts: Seems like most of the filming was done shunting up and down Kingmoor and the goods flyover, and a huge pile of continuity compromises - starts with a Class 37 and switches between Mk 2E/F and Mk 3 - but what exactly is the thing on the front with the fixed distant? Class 31?

Airthreypark: That is a London Midland 350 in the background at 40 secs so that isn't Kingmoor.... Deffo a Deltic at the start not a 37. Looks like Cargo Ds mk3 in the main with their mk1 Kitchen thingy. Suspect that mk4s might be involved at 50 secs 1:30 and 2:40 because the poor girl ends up on the floor which wouldn't happen with lovely smooth riding mk2s or mk3s! The best description of this might be 'Guilty Pleasures'..........Deltics, Rail Enthusiasm, Mk2s and 3s, Power Pop, Women.......

srduke: Did she have a valid ticket?

powerunit417: @BabydelticProd: Perhaps they shouldn't have "re-edited" it as your version seems to have had significantly more views than the official version........

craigybus1: @BCCletts Its 100% Deltic mate...Traction was Royal Scots Grey. Martin would be quite annoyed if you called his loco a 37 methinks :)

nm63uk: Been reading the comments, lots about RSG, did anyone notice a girl in this video?

Comedy writers take note!


Persephone said...

Aww, bless train-watchers. I haven't been on a British train in years, but Canadian trains get cold, even in the summer. Shouldn't she put a sweater on?

Lady Crafthole said...

That reminded me a bit of this optical illusion :-)