Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So should I have a bath or not?

Hugh Davies is a puzzled man. He buys The Daily Mail for his mum every day. And over the years he's noticed just how often the newspaper features a story about cancer - usually about something that may cause it or something that may prevent it forming. So he started to list them, just out of interest. What he then discovered is that many of these stories contradicted each other. So here's his truly remarkable list of all of the things the Mail claims causes cancer ... but also prevents it. My advice? Have a beer but then have another one to cancel the first out. Do that enough times and you won't give a toss about cancer. Or be able to say it.

ALLERGIES (causes) (prevents)
ASPIRIN (causes) (prevents)
BABIES (causes) (prevents)
BEER (causes) (prevents)
BREAD (causes) (prevents)
BREAST IMPLANTS (causes) (prevents)
CAFFEINE (causes) (prevents)
CALCIUM (causes) (prevents)
CEREAL (causes) (prevents)
CHEESE (causes) (prevents)
CHILDREN (causes) (prevents)
CHILLIS (causes) (prevents)
CHINESE MEDICINE (causes) (prevents)
CHOCOLATE (causes) (prevents)
CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS (causes) (prevents)
COSMETICS (causes) (prevents)
CURRY (causes) (prevents)
DAIRY PRODUCTS (causes) (prevents)
DIETING (causes) (prevents)
DOGS (causes) (prevents)
EGGS (causes) (prevents)
ELECTRICITY (causes) (prevents)
FIBRE (causes) (prevents)
FISH (causes) (prevents)
FRIED FOOD (causes) (prevents)
FRUIT (causes) (prevents)
GARDENING (causes) (prevents)
GAS (causes) (prevents)
GRAPEFRUIT (causes) (prevents)
HORMONE THERAPY (causes) (prevents)
HRT (causes) (prevents)
MAMMOGRAMS (causes) (prevents)
MEASLES (causes) (prevents)
TANNIING PILLS (causes) (prevents)
MILK (causes) (prevents)
MOBILE PHONES (causes) (prevents)
MOUTHWASH (causes) (prevents)
RADIOTHERAPY (causes) (prevents)
RICE (causes) (prevents)
SEX (causes) (prevents)
SOYA (causes) (prevents)
STATINS (causes) (prevents)
STRESS (causes) (prevents)
SUN (causes) (prevents)
SUNCREAM (causes) (prevents)
TEA (causes) (prevents)
VITAMINS (causes) (prevents)
X-RAYS (causes) (prevents)

See his full listings here, or visit the equally well-researched Kill or Cure site.

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