Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new millennium dawns

I've just realised that, following publication of this bout of wittering, I will be just 34 entries away from 1000 blog posts. Good grief. That's an awful lot of waffle.

I started this blog back in August 2006 and a lot of beer has passed twixt glass and lip since then. Crikey yes. Looking back, I see that one of my earliest posts was this one - a colour sketch of two archetypal British holiday makers based on a couple I saw in Spain. I relocated them to Backpool for the sketch so that I could include some popular cliches such as the stick of rock and 'Kiss me quick' hat. Well, by sheer coincidence, I'm just redrawing this picture as a proper piece of art. So maybe when I reach the 1000 mark in a couple of weeks, I'll offer a signed print as some sort of prize. Or prizes even? Maybe a few?

Hmmmm. A competition. I'll give it some thought.


Michelle said...

Oh a competition - yes! Love competitions, especially when the prize/s is/are such an inducement. Will be watching out for the official announcement...

Claire said...

I am four years into blogging end of this week and was also thinking of doing something special.

I went past a 1000 posts a while back now, as I typed an awful lot of wiffle waffle when I first started blogging.

So a competition or prize would be cool! :)