Saturday, October 23, 2010

An in-advert-ently commercial post

It always feels a bit uncomfortable hawking your own wares on your own blog. But, sadly, I do need food and drink to sustain my larger than average frame and to keep me supplied with nubile Filipino sex slaves. So I simply must tell you that the QI EFG Bumper Book of QI Annuals (pictured above right) will be in the shops on November 4th and is the perfect Christmas present. It's very good value for money (and nearly an inch thick!) at just £12.99 (or just £7.79 on Amazon) and contains every glorious colourful page of the E, F and G annuals inside a brand new softback cover lovingly drawn by me. On the same day, the brand spanking new QI H Annual (with 8 new pages by me) will be released as will the long awaited Second Book of General Ignorance.

What do you mean I've already been paid and won't get any more money for advertising them? Bugger.

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