Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A genius day out

Earlier this year (in May as reported here) I took part in a workshop event with Dave Gorman and a bunch of other people all intent on improving the BBC TV series Genius. Now, I loved the show when it was on Radio 4 and avidly listened to all three series. There's nothing quite so funny as the British public and, when they're asked to be inventive, they come up with amazing stuff. Like virtual reality headsets for chickens so that even battery hens think they're having a better life. Or fizzy Bovril. Or steel drum urinals to make toilet visits more fun (and more musical). Wonderful stuff. So I was delighted when the series transferred to television and gave us great moments like Johnny Vegas and the 'conveyer belt duvet':

However, the TV series somehow lost a little bit of its zing in the move so, for series two, Dave wanted to get back some of that energy and to cram as many genius ideas into each show as possible. The workshop was us trying some of those ideas out.

It paid off. the new series has been hilarious, wickedly funny and every half hour episode has flown by. My idea got discussed tonight on the fifth show in the series featuring guests Alexei Sayle and Tim Minchin - both big heroes of mine. It was nice to have made the edit (and made them laugh):

My idea was for a 'Karma Machine' to teach people to look after my property. I've loaned stuff out to people before and got it back broken. It's annoying. Even more annoying is when someone - such as removal men -break something that's irreplaceable and their only response is 'We're insured'. That's no use to me. But what if I strapped a transmitter to my property and a receiver to a cherished item of theirs ... along with a small explosive charge or electricity generator? Then they'd be more careful I'm sure. Because if they're blase with my property, the Karma Machine will punish them. here's an illustration I did for the show that didn't make the edit:

The show was an absolute joy to be involved in and Dave Gorman is a very kind, patient and funny man. He loves the series and has put so much energy into making it a success. I do hope that he gets a third series. It'll be well deserved. Sadly, the BBC are playing silly buggers. There were no trails leading up to the show being broadcast and despite all five episodes being on a Monday night at 10pm, they've moved Ep 6 to a Sunday at 11pm ... again with no trails. It may affect the viewing figures, which is sad because that's what the BBC seems to run on these days. It would be grossly unfair if such a funny and inventive show was cancelled because the BBC couldn't be arsed to promote it. Especially when there's so much shite on.

Visit the Genius website here for lots of extra bonus silliness.

Incidentally, this was my second TV appearance in just a few days as I turned up in the audience for the recent QI H series episode 'Happiness' last Friday and Saturday. See if you can spot me.

It's like a lardy version of 'Where's Wally?' isn't it?

'Where's Wobbly?' maybe.

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