Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Anonymous

Every single day, usually overnight, I recieve comments for this blog. Often there are just one or two. On average it's around four. On a particularly bad day I can get up to 10. They're all from someone called Anonymous. Some are in oriental pictograms. Some are in Cyrillic script. But most are in English so broken that no amount of grammar glue can fix them. Here's one from last night:

'A likeable noachian majority is the favour of a well-spent youth. Rather than of its bringing wretched and dolour prospects of disintegrate, it would give us hopes of unwavering stripling in a less ill world.'

If you're going to spam me guys, at least take the effort to find out how to say 'Your cock is too small' in readable English.


Jason Arnopp said...

Dear Sir,

If you don't appreciate my views on likeable noachian majorities, then I shall stop sharing them with you. Oh, this world is so disintegratingly ILL!


Debby said...

Oh golly. It sounds as if 'Chinese Guy' has paid you a visit too. Do me a favor. Ask him if he's seen my I-pod. It doesn't seem to be here. Maybe it's over there.

Winifred said...

I get them too. Blogger isn't too good at holding back the spam. I get less than in the past so things are maybe improving.

When I first got the pidgeon English ones I kept thinking I had migraine and couldn't read properly. Maybe they had migraine when they wrote them.

joelmead said...

You spelt 'receive' wrongly, Steve:)