Thursday, June 03, 2010

Odds and Sods

I heard the first cuckoo last weekend. I was up on top of a hill in a place caled Brill. Pardon the unintended bad poetry but there was also a windmill. On the hill. In Brill. It's a delightful little village and I had a delightful little pint or two in The Pheasant pub. Nice view of the windmill from the beer garden. Apparently you can see five counties too. What a thrill. On a hill etc.

It was the week that saw the final recording of The Museum of Curiosity too and what a great line-up to finish off the series. We had the brilliantly funny Sarah Millican, American neuroscientist and author David Eagleman (who wrote Sum: 40 Tales from the Afterlives, one of this year's most extraordinary books), and the legend that is Neil Gaiman.

Next week sees me at two recordings of QI - including the one in which my artwork is being used - and a recording of Dave Gorman's Genius at the BBC. Oh, and I've just received my pass to this event in London in October. TAM (The Amazing Meeting) is one of the most amazing events of the year for sceptics like me and this year the list of speakers is extraordinary. Just look ...

An astounding collection of the most brilliant people. I can't wait. Get in there quick ... tickets sell like hot cakes every year.

Meanwhile, it's back to writing the book whenever I can. Right. Where's that notepad ...

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Debby said...

If only you could have had a nice conversation with Bill or Jill up on the hill in Brill looking at the windmill. While eating pickles, most certainly dill.

You could be the next Dr. Suess.