Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Thank Darwin for my Combi Boiler

I could say that I enjoyed five inches last night. I could say that it's deep and firm and a pain in the arse. I could say it's snow joke. But I won't. Yet again, the world has come to a complete standstill because up here in the Chiltern Hills, Ymir and his lads have been at it again. And it's still falling quite heavily so only the Frost Giants knows how much we'll get in the end. Some doomsayers are predicting 12-18 inches. Oo-er missus. Nope. It's no good. I'm too hacked off for snow puns.

As pretty as it looks - and these are two views of my garden this morning and three photos of the street where I live - the snow means several more days of chaos and panic by people who (a) don't stay at home and (b) do stay at home but think we're entering a nuclear winter and have bought six months worth of supplies.

On a positive note, it's really quiet outside. I can't hear any traffic noise as all of the surrounding roads are impassable except to some 4x4s maybe. I can hear birdsong. better go feed the little buggers. It's even tougher on them.

And they don't have combi boilers and 4x4s.


chris hale said...

I think you're having a worse time that we are here. But then the Chilterns quite often cop the worst of the weather, don't they?

Batten down the hatches, put another log on the fire, and get writing. You know it makes sense!

Persephone said...

Listen. Hear that? It's the sound of 35 million Canadians chuckling.

Winifred said...

Why on earth do people get surprised about getting snow, it's winter for pity's sake. We used to get this kind of snow years ago unless my memory is playing up.

Well that's quite possible. Just like it was always sunny in the school holidays when I were a girl.

Nice photos.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Now I can see what my mum is bitching about Stevyn! That is alot of snow for you guys, stay warm! Had to LOL at the pink Smart car almost covered, not a snow weather car!

Anonymous said...

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