Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Talking heads

The new QI G Annual is out in the shops now. In case you were wondering (but probably weren't) which bits I did this year, I did two double page spreads of Glossoplegia; illustrated vox pops and bon mots by the show's stars popped onto strange little Punch and Judy bodies. Here's a sample.I also did a strange little illustration of Sean Lock as a goatherd which, incidentally, he really was at one time.

Get the annual from Amazon now! Oh, and don't forget the new 'G' series starts on Thursday at 9.30pm BBC1.

All illustrations copyright (c) QI Ltd and Faber and Faber Publishing.

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Blog Princess G said...

Your blog continues to delight! I pause in my reading of it to leave this message of appreciation. :)