Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Ghost of Christmas Commercialised

I drew this cartoon in 1992 and the caption was 'You Dude! I am the ghost of Christmas commercialised!' It was back in the days when my son, like so many young lads, was obsessed with ninja amphibians named after Renaissance painters and when parents would happily have gouged each other's eyes out to get the last Shredder or Splinter off the shelf in Toys R Us. Or, as I insist the store should be called, We are toys. Ah, sweet satire! Little did I realise back then just how far down the road to perdition we'd travel in just 17 short years.

These photos are of the Christmas lights in London's Oxford Street. And yes, they are one huge commercial for the new CGI version of A Christmas Carol. The lights were even turned on by the film's star, Jim Carrey. Am I wrong to hate this? For me, putting up the Christmas lights is a simple pleasure, a sign that winter is well and truly here and we can all look forward to some truly rubbish telly, an enormous turkey and dollops of goodwill to all men, women and small furry animals. I really really hate the idea that the lights are nothing more than a cynical last miserly grasp at making rich people even richer.

Want my advice? Go and see the Carnaby Street lights instead. Much more fun with huge pink reindeer and groovy 1960s inflatable hearts proclaiming love and peace. That's my idea of Christmas decorations and, incidentally, my idea of what Christmas is all about.

Oxford Street? Humbug.

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Raph G. Neckmann said...

It all sounds very complicated! Here we simply have our Knollshire snails, who become luminous in Winter and climb the trees to light our way. The woods are filled with their singing.