Saturday, September 12, 2009

Colgan's Walking Tours of London Part 1

The last few days have seen me travelling all around London for various meetings, jobs and social events. And as the weather has been unseasonably warm and mellow, I've rattled off a few photos so you can share my jaunts. Today saw me in Camden in North London, specifically around the area of Camden Lock and Market.

Rather like Carnaby Street in the 1960s, Camden became a focal point for the fashion-conscious 1980s Punk and New Romantic youth of London. Traditional market stalls soon gave way to fashion stalls and, as time has gone on, the styles have become ever more eclectic and anti-establishment.

In 2009, it's closely associated with alternative music and fashion, particularly Goth and Emo (NEVER mix them up ...). You will never see higher boots or more leather anywhere else in the UK. There are tattoo and piercing parlours everywhere and a sprinkling of sex shops just to add the required soupcon of seediness to proceedings.

Saying that, it's also an arty-farty kind of a place too and there are galleries, furniture shops, classy restaurants, clubs and bars and even pubs with poetry readings.

Threading through it all and providing the 'Lock' part of the name is a branch of the Grand Union Canal. If you need a break from all of the creaking leather and pale faces, you can take a stroll along the towpath and there are some nice waterside pubs, restaurants and coffee shops.

I ended my time in the area by watching a genuine rooftop drama. I don't know if it was a real incident (it seems unlikely as it brought the entire area to a standstill and caused traffic gridlock) but the fire brigade had to put a man up onto a shop roof ... to rescue a dummy. A very odd end to a very nice day.


Anonymous said...

Indeed a nice day out with added excitement courtesy of the Fire brigade. Marvellous stuff.

I haven't enjoyed the charms of Camden in years, 'cos I've been away mostly, so I must remedy that soon now that I'm back in London. Ta for the reminder.

Stevyn Colgan said...

You're back in London? Terrific! Any exhibitions lined up?

Angela Montague said...

Thank you! We walked your route a few months ago with the kids on a weekend in London to see Oliver! and it's all those places you photographed had me gawping like the hill-billy tourist I was.

So glad that such a place exists and thrives when so many streets in the UK are brand bland from one end to the other.