Friday, April 24, 2009

Rock and (sausage) Roll

It's been a very varied but interesting week again this week. It all kicked off on Monday with a trip to the London Book Fair (as reported on in my previous post) which resulted in some good contacts.

Tuesday saw me in Putney in the London Borough of Wandsworth. It's one of those boroughs that has areas of outstanding natural beauty but also areas of outrageously foul nastiness. Thankfully, I was visiting places somewhere between the two extremes and, towards the end of the day, was able to hang around by Putney Bridge where the river Thames boasts some lovely views, great pubs and restaurants and some nice walks. I rattled off a few photos of which two appear here.

Wednesday saw me in the London Borough of Enfield in North London. I was speaking to an audience of police officers, community advocates, ward panels and just about anyone else who was willing to listen, about the importance of 'different thinking'. Two quotes by Albert Einstein come to mind here. The first is his definition of insanity - 'Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result'. The other quote, not word-perfect I'm afraid, is 'We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them'. I used both when talking about trying new, creative and innovative ways to make people feel safer in their homes and also to prevent the bad guys doing their worst. The talk went down quite well. At least, no one threw anything at me.

I also found a curious shop that seems to cater for the lone vigilante specialising, as it does, in guns and motorcycles. When I posted this on Twitter, the excellent Chris Addison (currently one of the stars of Armando Ianucci's brilliant film comedy In the Loop) was prompted to say that he once found a shop that sold guns and banjos. And they did deliverance. Harf!

I then dived quickly into London to meet up with film maker Lara Greenway and to take part in a filmed experiment involving Twitter. I shan't say too much as I've sworn to keep the wraps on the event until the footage is screened but Lara has some teaser information about 'Project Mute' on her blog here.

On Thursday I was dumped in favour of Samuel L Jackson. Yes indeed, my so-called best mate Huw cancelled a dinner appointment with me because SLJ wanted to meet him in Los Angeles instead. Cheeky bugger. And it was my turn to pay too. I bet Samuel - currently Hollywood's highest earning star - won't even spring for a pudding. I think we all know how stupid Huw will feel upon his return. Seriously though, the great Samuel is putting his name to an amazing charity venture - hush hush for the mo - and has waived any fee. How could Huw refuse the invite?

Instead, I had tea and a muffin at the Home Office and then grabbed a sausage roll on my way home. Rock and roll.

And then there was today, Friday. Today saw me at this lovely old house called The Warren near Hayes in Kent. It's a sports and social club where I took part in a day-long series of training events culminating in various teams having to create short plays from scratch.The twist was that each play had to incorporate at least eight song titles from a particular band or artist. My team got the Bee Gees and the worst pun of the day was found in the name of an Indian restaurant owner called Hardeep. That's Hardeep Isyurluv, of course. Another team had songs by ABBA and also managed an delicious Asian pun with mention of the song Chicken Tikka. Ouch. Sorry. Great fun.

So, another tiring week with lots of travelling (as usual) and a lot of blathering on my part. I would just like to thank my Twitter followers for coming along with me wherever I roamed. Our acid exchanges as we describe fellow commuters always cheer me up as do the many bad puns, jokes and, as on Tuesday, toastie topper recipes.

And who says Twitter is fatuous and silly? At this very moment a bunch of us are creating mediaeval emoticons.


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Busy busy!! Love the photos!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Mary - Never less than busy. Never less than knackered!

Winifred said...

Never less than interesting too I bet. Great photos.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Winifred - Everything is interesting. Live in the moment! That's my mantra.

Blog Princess G said...

In a small town near where I spend my vacations on a lake, there was a combination second-hand bookshop / gun shop. Perusing old books was quite unnerving.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Hi G - The first time I went to America (I realise you're not in America BTW) I was slightly unnerved by seeing a gun counter in a supermarket. In the UK, Walmart manifests itself as ASDA, a very family-oriented supermarket. The thought of guns in a place where you wheel your kids around in a shopping trolley is, frankly, just scary. The fact that the security guards had guns too made matters even worse. I couldn't get out of there quickly enough.