Saturday, April 18, 2009


If there's one thing guaranteed to make me smile, it's when someone posts a funny Twitpic on Twitter. Or provides me with my Tworoscope. Or posts a Tweetoon. Twitter being the social media belle of the ball at the moment, people are constantly coming up with new applications and uses for it. Many of these are then given a name beginning with 'tw' to show that they are related to tweeting.

Chris Hale over at The Middenshire Chronicles produced a very funny list last year of words beginning with 'bl' pertaining to blogging. So I thought I'd gather in all of the Twitter terms (plus invent a few more for the sheer hell of it) and present you with the first ever Twictionary. Enjoy.

Twang - The expression of despair when Twitter goes wrong.
Twanker - A person who self-pleasures by #followfriday or retweeting themselves
Twat - Ashton Kutcher
Twecipe - A cooking recipe described in fewer than 140 characters.
Tweed - When you didn't Twiddle quickly enough.
Tweedledee - A tweeter who follows his/her followers.
Tweedledum - A tweeter that doesn't follow his/her followers.
Tweeze - An invitation to view a Twitpic (see me naked) which turns out to be a disappointment (fat bloke).
Twerp - Ashton Kutcher.
Twiddler - Taking your mobile phone or laptop into the lavatory in case you miss a tweet.
Twiddling - See Twiddler.
Tweitgeist - The feeling that everything relates to Twitter.
Twig - A false hairpiece worn to make your profile pic look younger, more virile or zany.
Twill - A last will and testament of 140 characters or fewer.
Twine - An alcoholic beverage you drink too much of when tweeting.
Twink - A gay tweeter.
Twinkle - Urinating while actually tweeting (see also Twiddle).
Twist - The result of drinking too much twine.
Twit - A very short tweet.
Twirl - A tweeting female.
Twitch - A tweeting female with an acid tongue.
Twinge - The naughty part of a tweeting female.
Twotimer - Someone holding a clandestine affair on Twitter (in front of millions).

Can you add to this list?


Since posting this, the lovely Aniya has pointed me in the direction of her own online Twittonary ... check it out. It's very good!


David Turner said...

I would like to nominate:
Twitshit - The act of tweeting while sat on the toilet.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Thank you David. And @hedgemint suggested Tweetheart for a special friend. Awwww...

Dan Schreiber said...

Twennis - a rally of a conversation in which two people are tweeting furiously to make/win their point.

Twenis - Someone who is being a dick

Twea - When the conversation with a fellow tweeter is going so nicely, that it almost feels as if you were in their lounge enjoying a nice hot cup of. The opposite of Twennis.

Mark Adley said...

Möbius Twip: a tweet about other tweets you've read that day

Dan Schreiber said...

TweeNN - The Twitter News channel

Tweestram Shandy - A tweet so abstract that could never be adapted into a movie

Tweens - The shared twitter account of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito

Tweenyboppers - a stampede of 15 year old girls who are currently migrating towards Twitter from myspace. If you put your ear to the computer screen you can hear the rumble of them coming.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Fantastic stuff guys and gals! Have now started a #twictionary hashtag on Twitter.

chris hale said...


Oliver Twit - 140 character novel by Charles Twickens.

Txix - a sweetmeat favoured by Tweeters.

Twango - a non-governmental group attempting to regulate Twitter.

Twollicking - the act of telling off a fellow tweeter.

Twee-wee - childish version of 'twiddle'.

Twiglet - a small cranial merkin worn by a balding tweeter.

Twist - repetetive strain injury brought about by too much tweeting.

Stevyn Colgan said...

We also now have Prematweet - when you tweet too early and twatter - twitter chatter from @laragreenway, Twitterpated - Spring love from @debswitterings, Twissed - a variant of twist from @dave_turner, Tweiner - the male part, and Twittle-twattle - pointless tweets from @janedebond, and Twimerick as practised by @badtoverse and suggested by @@simonlittlefield.

Then we have the brilliant twee - where you press send before you finish your sente ... from @dave_turner, and the outrageous Twunt for which no descriptor is needed. Thanks @sleepingscooper!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Chris - Genius. Twenius? Thanks!

Andrew Kerr said...

Twitedious Person who goes on and on about how dull twitter is and how they have and life.

Twitnamy When people on Twitter fall out.Although they still follow each other.

Dan Schreiber said...

I LOVE Oliver Twit. Very funny

Stevyn Colgan said...

Some collective nouns:

Twoop, twauidence, twathering, twiptych, twio, twollection, twinity, twipple and packet of twee!

c/o @ewarthale, @paloguitars, @dave_turner, @caromans and @andyh2o

chris hale said...

Stevyn, one more for 'ee:

Twitterati - Members of the Chattering Classes who use Twitter.

Aniya said...

Well you got more comments than me, whoever said...

"Oliver Twit - 140 character novel by Charles Twickens." LOL great stuff!!!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Thankyou everyone for your brilliant and very funny suggestions. If you want to see the rest of them, check out #twictionary on Twitter.

jeanie said...

Very funny - I am fairly twignorant of all that twitters.

chris hale said...

Just remembered another Dickens classic - A Tale of Two Twitties.

Anonymous said...

Could also add The Picktwit Papers and Martin Chuzzletwit to the Dickens list of Great Textpectations

Stevyn Colgan said...

A fantastic bunch of tweriffic definitions.