Friday, April 17, 2009

I am a sexual entry

Weird goings on on the web this week.

It all started when Ed Sapiera of the splendid steampunk band The Clockwork Quartet emailed me to say that my Wikipedia entry had been vandalised. So I went to have a look and, sure enough, the entire page had been altered to include lots of gay references, many of them quite funny but some verging on the homophobic. So I got it fixed and, to my knowledge, it's all better now. I suspect it was a revenge attack as, within the body of the vandalism, there was reference to Harold Shipman. About a year ago, I corrected a Wikipedia entry on Shipman in which a spurious tale was told about him implanting small plastic boats in victims' intestines. It was done to advertise a rather poor taste dance track on YouTube.

Okay whoever you are. We're quits now, okay? But your song is still rubbish.

But then, my excellent chum Chris Hale texted me to say that I had appeared as a page on something (uninventively) called Sexyclopedia. How and why I'm on there I have no idea. I can only assume that it was because, for an unknown number of days, I was a shining beacon of extreme gayness (gaiety?) on Wikipedia. Still, how great is that? I'm a sexual entry.

Of course, the other question is how Chris found this out.

I shan't pry.


chris hale said...

Stevyn - I'll tell you!

In an idle moment, I typed in the word 'Bilbabalbabul' on Google. The rest is history, apparently involving Johnny Zhivago (probably a member of aforementioned Clockwork Quartet).

What unpleasant people there are out there who can't take a bit of criticism about their rubbish music.

I also had another chuckle at your blog entry on the 'B' word.


Stevyn Colgan said...

Chris - Ah, that old chestnut ... 'I was simply surfing the net for mention of Bilbabalbabul.' Harf.

What do reckon then? Should I create an audio book? It deserves a wider audience I think.

chris hale said...

Stevyn - an audio book would be superb, but be careful Aaron Jones doesn't hunt you down!

Radio 4 presents an abridged book every weekday morning at 9.45am. The Wayfarer would be ideal material!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Chris - I may have to consider it. Although an abridged version would be: An elf. Some bad syntax. Derivative plot. Silly names. A farting finale.

Ed said...

Hi, thanks for the mention, hope you're well.

(PS it's Saperia not Sapiera)

Stevyn Colgan said...

Ed - All noted. Will get it right from now on! Hope all is well in Clockwork Land.

Ed said...

Great thanks! We had a mention in NME recently, and a few more mag interviews on the horizon. We're doing a big photoshoot today.

Also, new eye candy:

Stevyn Colgan said...

Great news! I'll big you up on Twitter!

Anonymous said...

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