Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still not tweeting?

There have been a few very good magazine articles about Twitter recently, most focussing on the 'do you get it' question. Well, I've 'got it' right from the start and, in the past month, I've seen its power on several occasions. It was terrific at generating a backlash to the Sunday Express's appalling treatment of the Dunblane kids (led by Graham Linehan - @glinner). It's been wonderful for following Stephen Fry's (@stephenfry) world travels as he follows in the footsteps of the late Douglas Adams - remember that twitter can post photos too. It was a lifeline to the fans for beleaguered Jonathan Ross (@wossy) as he sat in Daily Mail-imposed house arrest. And how I've roared with laughter at Peter Serafinowicz's (@serafinowicz) silly pun games and Robert Popper's (@robertpopper) insane phonecalls. Plus, I get regular snippets of trivia from QI (@qikipedia) and The Museum of Curiosity (@curiositwitty) and a daily dose of Media Guardian (@mediaguardian), The Onion (@theonion) and Boing Boing (@boingboing). My tweeting has been a source of constant entertainment and information as I've travelled to and from work, appointments, interviews and events.

I'm now being followed by 156 people including Bill Bailey, Jonathan Ross, Phill Jupitus, Robert Llewellyn, Bjork, Russell Brand, Dave Gorman, Peter Serafinowicz .... plus lots of my friends, colleagues, and fellow writers. Quite what they see in following me I have no idea but I'm grateful for the attention. I have some way to go before I catch up with people like Stephen Fry (344,431 followers), Britney Spears (573,927) or Barack Obama (582,492) but I'm working my way up slowly and steadily.

Surely it's time you were tweeting too? Find me at @stevyncolgan.

Curiously, however, the number of people following my blog has been stuck at 48 for over a month. Perhaps I should be blogging more than tweeting? And don't get me started on audioboos ...


doctawho42 said...

I seriously do not know if I have any use for twitter. I did try.

Plus I get a funny feeling after I use it where I can't relate to real life and my attention span is about 12 seconds long.
BUT YES "I get it". :)

Simplicity said...

The great thing about Twitter for me is the instant part! I don't have the patience to write a blog post on my phone. But THAT I can do!

Going to find you...I'm @butterflysong. I tweet a lot! And rarely gain followers. I lose one or two each day...strange!

It's OK. I'd rather follow than be followed.

See you over at the bird bar!

chris hale said...

I could say that the only reason anyone would follow me is out of idle curiosity...

chris hale said...

Oh, and I've given you a quick mention here:

Incidentally, how do you hyperlink comments?