Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A prediction

There was a fire at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, North-west London today. Staff quickly got everyone out safely, no one was injured or placed in any kind of danger (either from the fire or their medical issues). Over 200 people were successfully evacuated.

As it happens, I know this hospital well as, for many years, it was my local hospital. I went there with a broken ankle. I went there to have my tonsils removed following a throat cancer scare in the late 1980s. Great hospital, superb staff.

In almost any country in the world, today's events would result in headlines like 'Heroes save patients from fire' or 'Brave nurses rescue hundreds' or even 'Medical drama'. But this is scaremongering, media-blitzed Great Britain in 2009. So here's my prediction:

What's the betting tomorrow's tabloid headlines will be 'Our shoddy hospitals' or 'Flames of shame' or something similar that blames the government or the NHS for the fire? I bet you a fiver.


Debby said...

Sadly, you're very probably correct. It seems such a shame because the world is in such need of good news.

Stevyn Colgan said...

It is a horribly depressing truth, young Debby, that good news doesn't make good news. If I see a particularly atrocious newspaper tomorrow, I'll photograph and post it to prove my point. x

Debby said...

Young Debby...LOL...I'm older than you, I do believe.