Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darwin in the blink of an eye

Following on from yesterday's apeman-related shenanigens, let's all celebrate Darwin's 200th birthday with this neat little optical illusion courtesy of Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire and Rob Jenkins of the University of Glasgow.

The picture above shows two monkeys. Set your computer monitor to maximum brightness and then stare at the centre of the picture for about 30 seconds without moving your eyes. Next, look to a white wall and blink a few times. The monkeys should suddenly transform into a perfect picture of Darwin!

Visit Richard's website here.


Eskimo Bob said...

Great Stevyn -

Since I'm in the land of ice and snow, everywhere I turn now I have Darwin imprinted on my corneas. I guess it could be worse - insert witty statement.

Anonymous said...

I had directional issues with bright and no-bright - at the other end of he scale (nin-bright)I thought the picture looked like a curled up fetus from an ultasound.

Jon M said...

Only you could get me squinting at a brick wall like an eejit!

Anonymous said...

Nope, wall is still white and not a mark on it.

chris hale said...

I well remember that Darwin's great work formed part of my first year's study with the Open University. The Victorians were appalled at the thought that they were descended from apes (not made in the image of God) and a number of extraordinarily derogatosy cartoons of Darwin appeared in the press at the time. It's probably hard for us to understand just how badly Darwin's treatise affected them.