Friday, February 06, 2009

An amazing pic from 1918

Here is a shot of 18,000 men preparing for war in a training camp at Camp Dodge, in Iowa 1918. Click on the image to see a larger version.
Some statistics for you:

Base to Shoulder: 150 feet
Right Arm: 340 feet
Widest part of arm holding torch: 12 1/2 feet
Right thumb: 35 feet
Thickest part of body: 29 feet
Left hand length: 30 feet
Face: 60 feet Nose: 21 feet
Longest spike of head piece: 70 feet
Torch and flame combined: 980 feet

Number of men in flame of torch: 12,000
Number of men in torch: 2,800
Number of men in right arm: 1,200
Number of men in body, head and balance of figure only: 2,000

Total: 18,000

You'd think they'd have had more important things to do ...


Persephone said...

I blame this for the outbreak of the Spanish Influenza Pandemic....

Sarah said...

That is an amazing picture. Where did you find it?
Thanks for visiting me today.
Nice to meet you!

Simplicity said...

Wow! This is fascinating!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Persephone - Oblique. But possibly true!

Sarah - Nice to meet you too! I was sent it by a friend who has links with the UK Imperial War Museum.

Simplicity - The staggering thing for me is the perspective. There are many more people in the torch than at the feet. Weird.