Sunday, December 07, 2008

Joe Bloggs? No, Chris blogs.

The rather lovely and affably hirsute Mr Christopher Hale has been blogging himself silly recently. And, in doing so, he's been wondering about blog-related developments in the English language. For example, if 'blog' and 'blogging' are now comfortably sat within the lexicon, will other words derived from 'blog' start to appear? Chris has taken the time to describe a few possible additions to future Oxford English Dictionary supplements. Here's a little taster:

Blogart - Either (i) the pretty pictures on your blog; or (ii) an online aficionado of 1940s films.

Blogthario - one whose sole purpose in blogging is to make the acquaintance of women online.

Blogue - a blog with a strong Gaelic theme.

You can read his entire list here. And very funny it is too.

The man has far too much time on his hands.


chris hale said...

Ah, but what is time? A recent Horizon documentary could not provide a satisfactory answer to the question. But, in the words of one deceased Egyptian ruler:

'Time, time', said Old King Tut
'Is something I aint got
anything but.'

Stevyn Colgan said...

Chris - I seem to recall that many years ago, when we shared an office, if anyone said 'Tut, where does the time go?' you used to point to some obscure corner of the building and say, 'Over there'. Presumably you were secretly building a stash that you can now utilise for what writer Jason Arnopp calls 'Bloggery-pokery'.

chris hale said...

Yes, I was building up a time stash, but foolishly took payment in lieu.

Persephone said...

So, is a bloggart a blog where the theme changes according to its readers' worst fears, and occasionally curdles the milk?

Jeff said...

May I also suggest blogologues to describe the tortured monologues left strewn about the blogosphere by certain delirious individuals, but never by me.