Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hasn't it been fun so far?

So here we are, the final week of mayhem and chaos leading up to Christmas. Have any of you been enjoying the New Humanist advent calendar podcasts I mentioned back on December 1st? If you've missed them, it's not too late to have a listen in. We've had such luminaries as Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, Prof Laurie Taylor, Eddie Izzard, Dave Gorman, Marcus Brigstocke and at least eleven others.

Visit the site here.


chris hale said...

I suppose we need to start looking for a word to replace 'Christmas'. The Puritans got all steamed up about the 'mas' bit as they saw it as Popish.

It's important that the new word has two syllables so that it can be slotted seamlessly into the canon of seasonal songs.

Humas is a possibility, but we still have the 'mas' problem. Winfest may have its supporters, but is it not summer in Australia, and doesn't the word sound like some exhibition at Earls Court? We need to reflect the fact that it is a holiday, and that it is in December. Got it! HolDec! Er, or DecHol! Or that it is both a holiday and a rest. And, taking bits from these, may I be the first to wish you a Happy Areshol!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Chris - Holdec sounds like something they'd have on the USS Enterprise. And I'd be beaten up if I went around saying 'Happy areshol' (and what would the cards look like?). We need a name like Easter but which takes in the idea of a festival. I have it! Fester! Happy Fester, Chris! This time next week, we'll all be Festering!

chris hale said...

Ah, there, but you see, you have fallen into the trap. It is, of course, pronounced Air Sholl. I'm sure you could design the definitive card.


Oh, I wish it could be Areshol every day...etc. etc.

Fester is good. I've been doing it for fifty-three years. Now I can do it officially!