Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Evil of Santa (Part 2)

Not content with killing off Father Christmas, now Santa Claus is out to terrify our children. Visit this website to see 46 fantastic photographs of scary Santas and terrified kids, care of the Chicago Tribune.



Mama Wheaton said...

I never realized how scarey Santa was. I may never go near one again, serial killers they are for sure.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Hello Mama and welcome - I only know of one death attributable to Santa - poor old Father Christmas - but who knows how many bodies he's carted away in those sacks? Who knows how many tortured, overworked and abused elves lie in concrete under motorway support pillars. You can't tell me that that the occasional elf doesn't expire during the year? I mean, they make EVERY toy in the world! They must be exhausted, bless them.

doctawho42 said...

I actually screamed when I saw the second one.
He has the cold dead eyes of a killer. I'm sure Father Christmas wouldn't have those eyes, no sireee.