Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haiku to you

Don't you just hate it when you make a really silly and very public mistake?

Following Diane's lead, I decided I'd have a play at Kathy's Writer's Workshop over at Mama's Losin' It. Mama sets challenges for writers which is all a bit of a hoot. This week I took up her challenge to write a haiku about what I could see out of my window. Here was my effort:

Three legged cat on sidewalk
Watching cars go by with complete disdain
Guess why she's a tripod?

So I posted it on her site. And then I thought, 'Arse! A Haiku is five-seven-five syllables not five-seven-five words!' Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! I hate making stupid mistakes like that. So here's the re-write:

Cat with three legs sat
Treats cars with lack of respect
That's why tripod cat.

I've now re-posted it over at Mama's. Sigh.


Diane said...

It's funny either way. Arse ;)

doctawho42 said...

I love Haikus, especially when they're not even meant to mean anything. But yours is especially cool, even though it cas a clear meaning, to be funny. Have you even seen a tripod cat recently, or are you getting this purely off the top of your head?

Piers said...

No cutting word or season, then?

Go on. Let's have another. :)

chris hale said...

Some years ago I was challenged on the H2G2 website to write a haiku about sliced carrots. It went something like this:

Have you noticed that
Every pre-packed salad has
These orange bits in?

And you will already have seen the failed Tweety-Pie haiku on my blog. Sufferin' Succotash!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Diane - Thank you!

Docta - Yes, there really was a three-legged cat outside and it was facing up to my cat who has no tail. It's mutilated kitty city round here.

Piers - Awww ... you had to get all professional on me! I haven't writen a haiku since school and I've already buggered it up once. I'll have to make it an Autumn tripod and a sliced-off leg won't I?

Chris - Excellent. Enjoyed your Tweety too. So to speak.