Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bad news buried

A few years ago, you may recall a UK parliamentary aide called Jo Moore got into all kinds of trouble for suggesting that bad news could be smuggled into the public eye under cover of the terrible events of September 11th 2001. The expression she used was that it was a good time to 'bury bad news'. Well, good news also can dominate the headlines and smother what should be a much bigger story. That's certainly happened this US Election week with the untimely (aged 66) and largely unnoticed death of author, director and living giant (6' 9") Michael Crichton. We mostly associate him with being the creator of blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Timeline and Sphere. But we shouldn't forget that he also wrote and directed some classic sci-fi too such as Westworld and The Andromeda Strain. And he wrote the books that became the films Rising Sun and Disclosure. Personally, I was never really a fan of his writing but millions were. I cannot deny the impact that he's made on the canon and I will always salute the man for helping to bring dinosaurs back into the hearts and imaginations of children. I've been a dinosaur nut my whole life and, thanks to Crichton and Spielberg, I've got to see just what these amazing creatures may have looked like in life. It's always sad when illness takes someone who you feel still had more to give us.
On a chippier note, I'm now seven chapters into my own humble 'novel-in-a-month' for this year's NoNoWriMo event. Fancy seeing what a hastily written, unedited comedy horror novel written by a chubby English bloke looks like? Then wonder no more. My efforts can be seen here and your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Even the anatomically impossible ones.
Finally, this year's QI Annual is out in the shops today. I wrote the Fakenham feature and also illustrated the Foraging with Sean Lock feature. There's a link to Amazon over on the right side of this blog.
I've been a bit quiet these past few days as I've been arse deep in work and I had a couple of illustration jobs to complete. But, things are freed up now and normal blogging service should resume tomorrow.


Protege said...

He was way to young, what a shame. I have always liked the idea on which Jurassic Park was based.
Seven chapters, way to go, I am off to follow your link and read it.;)

doctawho42 said...

You've not been quiet at all. All those smoke signals and telepathic twitters were mighty entertaining and informative. Good luck with your work... the book, I mean.

Stuart Peel said...

Crichton's autobiography, named 'Travels' is a really good read. And you know of my love for 'Westworld.

Stevyn Colgan said...

It is very sad. Let's not forget that he gave us ER too.